Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Journal 2: Technology Self Assessment School 2.0 Reflection Tool


Took the evaluation NETS-T-II

Having read the article entitled “21st Century Teaching and Learning: Assessing New Knowledge” it was clear that teachers cannot afford to let advances in technology pass them by if they wish to be effective educators.   I’ve come to realize that my initial assumption of technology simply making learning more interesting is false and instead technology has the capacity to trace a student’s learning as well as enhance the learning process of students.  Initially I was frustrated with the example of a math teacher simply grading a final result of a problem rather than being able to test and trace the learning process.  But thinking back to countless worksheets and standard tests, things were very much graded on the end result rather than the process to get there.  Often there were simple answer boxes or scantrons to fill out so the teacher wouldn’t have to bother trying to follow the reasoning process of the students.  This emphasis on the process that technology provides is something desperately needed in the field of mathematical education.  The application of technology also powerfully combats the repeated question of “when are we going to use this?” because with the applications of different technologies we can start building skills that can be applied in a professional workplace. 

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