Monday, July 9, 2012

Journal 1: 100 things that make me happy

1.  Random acts of kindness
2.  Playing basketball with my dog
3.  Having meaningful conversations
4.  Getting texts at 2 in the morning
5.  Reaching out to form new friendships
6.  Reestablishing old friendships
7.  Seeing people unify
8.  People looking past the faults of others
9.  People forgiving one another for major issues
10.  Sitting in the sun
11.  Playing disc golf
12.  Watching live performances such as theater
13.  Being near bodies of water such as the ocean or streams
14.  Investigating the connections between religions
15.  Having conversations about oneness of humanity
16.  Investigating the existence of God
17.  Praying
18.  Reading stories of early Bahais
19.  Seeing different kinds of people who have never met come together for something positive
20.  Raising the spiritual awareness of a community
21.  Collaborating with educators on how to improve our educational system
22.  Catching a wave just right when boogie boarding
23.  Asking questions
24.  Hosting interfaith prayer gatherings
25.  Cooking for people
26.  Having someone offer to help in anything
27.  Having someone insist on helping even when you say it is not necessary
28.  Getting into a fight because two people want to help each other too much
29.  Waterfalls
30.  Hawaii
31.  The thought of world unity to the point that we have unity between cities and states.
32.  People asking me questions
33.  Swimming in a pool
34.  Swimming in the ocean
35.  Swimming in a lake/river or swimming whole created by a waterfall
36.  Seeing family unite and get along
37.  Seeing my brother and mother happy
38.  Having meaningful conversations with family
39.  Thai or Vietnamese curry
40.  The appearance of any vegetarian restaurant anywhere
41.  Mushrooms
42.  Playing guitar
43.  Listening to someone play guitar
44.  Listening to a close friend perform something musically
45.  Showering
46.  Clear skies
47.  Imagining the future of humanity
48.  Working to build a new world order
49.  Jiu Jitsu
50.  Playing chess
51.  Playing any card game
52.  Helping other people
53.  Planning events for people
54.  Mexican food
55.  Mexican food at 11pm
56.  Finding secret places in the world and sitting there
57.  Humming birds acting as if you aren't there
58.  Climbing trees
59.  Seeing anything sleep
60.  The color green
61.  The color blue
62.  Having a conversation with someone without speaking
63.  Sharing common experiences with someone
64.  Singing
65.  Gospel Choir
66.  Hiding
67.  Playing volleyball
68.  Discovering truths about life and people
69.  Investigating people's characters
70.  People inquiring about things that aren't related to them
71.  The Bahai Faith
72.  Hearing stories about the kindness expressed by Abdu'l-Baha
73.  Chow mein
74.  Fajitas
75.  Planning a trip to Costa Rica
76.  Finding contentment in life
77.  Being guided by the Will of God
78.  Bahai jokes
79.  Math jokes
80.  Playing hide and seek
81.  Having my dog sit next to me while I play guitar
82.  Going on tangents
83.  People watching
84.  Acting
85.  Saying the word and variations of the word "joy"
86.  Making people's day
87.  Seeing the positive in things
88.  Not knowing things
89.  Knowing things
90.  Watching the wind
91.  Trusting others
92.  Being trusted
93.  Having a purpose
94.  Saying the Tablet of Ahmad
95.  Saying the Long Obligatory Prayer
96.  Saying the Fire Tablet
97.  Sandals
98.  Watching someone learn
99.  Teaching academically
100.  Teaching spiritually


  1. I can't believe I just read all 100 *sigh*

  2. Really awesome list man! Jiu Jitsu, chess, Baha'i, late night mexican food, guitar playing!!!! You're into some sweet stuff man! I look forward to getting to know you!