Friday, August 3, 2012

Journal #8: Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology


What is AAC?  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) refers to all forms of communication other than oral speech used to express thoughts, needs, concepts, etc.  Common forms of AAC the general public uses are facial expressions, writing, pictures, and so on. 

 High Tech Tool:  The AAC tool I researched was called CDesk.  This is for those with impaired vision.  The system has white writing on a black background, which makes it easier to see, with large print.  The system makes it easier for users to use basic computer functions like email, media/book, word, etc.   Also as the user scrolls through the options the computer reads what is selected. 

 Low Tech Tool:  Another such ACC  would be a battery operated recorder.  This is important for many who are visually impaired to make notes to themselves when it comes to phone numbers, dates, appointments, etc.  In a classroom students may be able to record lectures, take notes for homework, and record assignments.  Our friend who is blind actually used a device like this and the most interesting thing about it to me is that it can read things back at such a high speed.  Often recorders like this will have ways of reading things quickly so it doesn't take real time to gather information. 


What are Input Devices?  Input Devices are devices that allow students with motor skill issues to interact with a computer and input information in a variety of ways through specific devices.

Software:  One software that would be useful would be the word prediction software called WordQ.   The kinds of softwares vary but generally when the user begins typing out a word, the software predicts what word they are trying to type and allows them to chose it and move on instead of having to enter the entire word.  This is especially useful for those with limited motor skills.

Hardware:  As far as hardware goes, I have found alternative keyboards that are also useful for students who have limited motor skills, the one I specially looked into is called the Maltron Single Handed Keyboard.  This keyboard is useful for those who have only one hand.  In a classroom it will be important to have access to tools which work best for each student depending on their capacity. 


  1. I want one of those recorders! I found the ergonomics keyboard as well, what a creative and helpful tool!

  2. You chose some very interesting devices! Very informative.